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TT Round Up

The week after my crash at the NW200 I sadly lost the woman that made all my dreams possible, my incredible mum who sadly lost her bravely fought battle to Cancer. Everything I do is to make my mum and dad proud and that could not be more true now than ever, I’ll have my mum with me in everything I do and will continue to try and make her proud every step of the way.

With the crash being so close to TT, it meant I just wasn’t going to be fit enough to ride - I was gutted beyond words as my whole year revolves around the TT - so to not be able to ride was really tough. To try and keep busy throughout the event I was lucky enough to be asked to join the TT coverage team for both the TT live and the ITV4 coverage - it was really interesting to see the event from a different perspective, however I can 100% confirm nothing will compare to being on my bike at TT and that’s exactly where I intend to be for TT 2024.

The guys at Honda Racing UK could not have done more for me with everything that has happened and I could not be more grateful for them. Throughout TT I was still lucky enough to be able to watch and see the different things John McGuinness picked up on whilst out on track, so although it did happen quite how we had planned I was still able to learn a thing or two from John.

We have some very exciting news coming very soon in relation to the Manx Grand Prix that I can’t wait to announce - so keep and eye out for an update on that in the coming weeks😀

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