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About Nathan

Nathan is a 25 year old Manx man with his sights set on achieving a professional road racing career.

Motorbikes have been a passion of Nathan's since the age of 3. Starting off his involvement with bikes via Motorcross and transitioning to road racing where Nathan’s natural talent for racing began to truly shine.

It has not been easy for Nathan, in 2015 at the age of 16 he was involved in a serious racing incident at Jurby his local racing circuit. Nathan sustained multiple serious injuries which took 40 hours of operations to correct, over 2 years rehab and now adaptations to his motorcycle in order to compete.

Since that day in 2015, Nathan has been more determined than ever before to achieve his dream of being a successful motorcycle racer.

Nathan is now one of the Isle of Man’s leading motorcycle road racers. In 2019 Nathan became the youngest person to win the Junior and Senior Manx Grand Prix in 2019. Following the COVID pandemic the return of road racing in 2022 seen Nathan achieve a top 10 result in his Senior TT debut lapping at 128 mph along with podiums at the Southern 100, Manx Grand Prix Classic Superbike and top 10 results at the North West 200.

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Career Highlights

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Winning both Junior and Senior Races at the Manx Grand Prix 2019

Fastest lap time: 122.094 MPH

10th place Isle of Man TT Races 2022

Fastest lap time: 128.0 MPH

3rd place Southern 100 2022 & Top 10 Superbike race at 2022 NW200

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