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North West 200 2023

As I am sure you are all aware I had an accident in the Superstock race on Thursday night where I was up to 5th at one point.

I have been a lot worse before and come back stronger than ever, this time will be no different. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll know more on when that’s going to be (you all know what I’m aiming for 🇮🇲! Which I’ll do everything to make it possible)

I would like to thank everyone for there well wishes I’ve not really been on my phone until now so I will start going through them along with all my family here with me, Harv, the whole Honda Racing UK team & marshals, medics and Coleriane hospital for looking after me.

Safe, fast racing to everyone today especially my team mate John McGuinness and best wishes to Lee Johnston Racing who came off earlier in the day 🇮🇲

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