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Thruxton BSB

First time at Thruxton and what a place, I’ve definitely got a new favourite short circuit!

Was really happy with race 2 today, I got a good start and caught on to the middle group which I was hoping for, I went on to the last lap in 19th with 18th in sight caught on to the back of him round the back fast section but got to giddy and had the big Honda lit up side ways about to send me on a first class flight back to the boat to the Isle of Man 😂, it ended up costing me both positions sending me back to 20th. I was a little annoyed at myself but my own doing and I’m getting close to the points at a track I’ve never been to and everyone I was racing with Infront had all been before.

Had a smile on my face all weekend, not had that much fun on a short circuit for a while!

Big thank you to my Mum, Dad, Dave & Roisin for the help over the weekend and all my sponsors, supporters and 115 Club!

The first picture is how I spent most of my weekend, sideways 😝

Now looking forward to the Manx Grand Prix this time next week!

📸 Bennetts

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