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Nathan Harrison Joins Honda Racing UK for 2023 Racing Program

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Delighted to announce that I’m joining John McGuiness in the Honda Racing UK racing team for 2023! 🇮🇲

It’s a proper dream come true to join the most successful team in the paddock at 24 years old, along side my child hood hero.

Can’t thank Havier, John and the whole Honda team enough for this amazing opportunity. I have worked so hard for this with my family and this is only the start of a big learning curve and hopefully lots of success.

My Mum, Dad, brother, family, sponsors and supporters are big reason I have this chance - without them it wouldn’t have been possible so I owe a massive thank you to you all.

So glad to put a massive smile on everyone’s faces, I haven’t been able to stop smiling looking at everyone’s comments this morning.

Is it time to set of down Bray Hill yet? Manxie and proud!! 😁🇮🇲

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