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Looking Back on the 2019 race season

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Nathan pictured with his team after winning the Senior Manx Grand Prix 2019

Photo by Dave Kneen

Now the season is over and we are starting to get some exciting plans together for 2020 Nathan would just like to thank everyone that’s made this year possible.

The season started at the North West 200 in May, with Nathan qualifying in the front group. Nathan finished in 13th place in his first year competing, finishing behind the best road racers in the world.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Southern 100 races was next up, but due to certain circumstances, Nathan changed bike manufacturers. Going to the Southern 100 on a completely new bike and getting top 5 results and also being the first 600 in the solo championship race, gave Nathan the confidence he needed going into the biggest race of the year, the Manx Grand Prix.

Nathan’s personal aim for the Manx Grand Prix was to win one race. To come away from the Manx Grand Prix winning the Junior and Senior races was beyond all of Nathan's dreams. In doing so he became only the 4th Manx Man to do so and also making him the youngest double winner in the event's entirety. Nathan describes it as 'the best week of life' in light of the serious injuries he sustained in 2015, where his hopes of racing again were nearly shattered when he was told that he would be lucky to ride a bike again, never mind race competitively.

This now leaves Nathan preparing for what is shaping up to be a very exciting 2020 road racing season, we have some news coming over the next few weeks / months regarding 2020 so keep a look out on the page for updates.

A big thank you to all the events organisers, marshals and medics for making the racing happen in 2020 along with all my personal sponsors and supporters

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