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Honda Fireblade Friday

Today we took delivery of the new Honda Fireblade SP, a big thank you to our sponsors down at the Isle of Man Steam Packet for getting the bike and parts over on the overnight sailing. Alan and the team at Jackson Racing have built the bike to perfection, for all your Honda needs you know where to go! A big thank you to Richard at Maxton Suspension for getting the bike sorted very quickly for a brand new bike to them.

Now to get the right hand gear change made up due to my injuries and the thumb brake fitted to try and hopefully get some laps before winter for a hopeful TT 21.

A big thank you to all our sponsors that made it happen:

Quayside Tyres and Service Centre

Chris Preston

Sommai & Clarissa


Mum / Dad and Glenn

Helen and Pete


Tredrite Tyres

Reynolds and Turner

GB Racing

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