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First race in 16 months!

First race in 16 months ✅

First race on a 1000 ✅

3rd day riding the bike since I got it ✅

Top 10 in the Super Series 1000 class ✅

Happy with today, only a few top BSB lads infront on the results sheet 😆 struggled as my 600 and 1000 was back to back so took me 6 laps of the 1000 race to adjust back to that way of riding but more than happy with my first race on it 👍 big thanks to my Dad and Richard Maxton Suspension for helping set it up and help me adjust to 1000 life.

The plan is to skip the 600 races tomorrow as they are both back to back again and get more miles on the 1000 as thats what needs the time and the plan is to just keep improving. love being back racing and round these proper circuits 🤪

Quayside Tyre and Service Centre

Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

Chris Preston

Reynolds and Turner Ltd

Maxton Suspension

Tred-Rite tyres Ltd

Rex Physiotherapy with Catherine Davis


Wemoto Motorcycle Parts

Frey daytona

DAO Holdings

Helen Brooke


Jackson Racing

Ash Developments

SC racing

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