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Croft June 2021

Another good weekend, a first time at Croft and loved it. Proper fast with a few bumps and quite a few road racers here!

Left the last 600 race to concentrate on the 1000, came 8th and dropped another second off my lap time to 1:24.2 which is about 1.5 seconds a lap of the group from 2nd to 5th so going in the right direction and in the last 1000 race started to actually feel confident with the power on the fast stuff while on the side of the tyre.

Rode in two of the 600 races with a couple of 11th‘s and 8th fastest lap of the race. So all in all 5 races completed, faster in each race and all back in one piece.

Big thank you to Mum, Dad and Roisin for the help over the weekend (shout out to mum dragging her here while on her new bout of chemo), Glenn for looking after home and the garage so I can get time on my bike and Richard for the time on Friday setting the bikes up.

Thanks to all my sponsors and supporters below as always getting me to these meetings, if anyone would like to come on board please get in touch!

Quayside Tyre and Service Centre & Glenn | Isle of Man Steam Packet Company | Chris Preston | Reynolds and Turner Ltd | Maxton Suspension | Tred-Rite tyres Ltd | Rex Physiotherapy with Catherine | Pro-Bolt

| | Dave Hagan | Wemoto Motorcycle Parts | Frey daytona | DAO Holdings | Helen Brooke | Peter Stacey | Jackson Racing | ASH Developments | SC racing & Roisin | No Limits Racing NLR Joel Cooper Photos

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