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Back on track after COVID 19

It’s been a while since we have had any sort of update to give from the racing after the virus put a halt to all our major road races in 2020.

Covid didn’t pause Nathan‘s life like many others, from start to finish Nathan has been working away in the family business, Quayside Tyres and Service Centre keeping all key workers on the road and looking after contracted health vehicles and people in need throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

Nathan also completed a lap on ‘Not Senior Race Day’ with professional cyclist Andrew Roche against other top local TT riders and Pro Cyclists in aid of the Manx Solidarity fund where they raised over 20k in a whole.

Now we are going into July, Nathan has managed to get in two private tests so far at his local circuit, Jurby.

Nathan has been testing the Kawasaki 1000 supplied by Silicone Racing, the Quayside Tyres / Chris Preston Honda 600 and the CS Racing Honda K4 350.

It’s been a perfect time to for Nathan to learn the big 1000 having never rode one properly before, he could put in long stints with it being a private test. In total combined with the 600 and 350 he got 85 laps in which is perfect for bike time and bike fitness. Further update coming next week after Nathan‘s next two private tests.

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